• A1 – Can’t sleep at night
  • B1 – Other Life
  • B2 – No One

Undoubtedly one of the most exciting young producers to appear on the scene over the last twelve months, Germany’s Daniel Bortz has set the world of House music alight, all be it at an understated rate of beats per minute.

Already a firm family member at Berlin’s ever impressive Suol Records, Daniel has graced the label with his fantastic “The One” ep, shone on the debut “Suol Mates” collection with his “Don’t Be Fooled” number and worked his magic on a release from Heiko Laux & Teo Schulte. Tiefschwarz were another duo to spot the talent, releasing Daniel’s collaboration with Sascha Sibler on their label, Souvenir Music.

Whilst his productions are positively depth defying, its the combination of slo-mo beats and ever-present ‘Soul’ that really sets Daniel’s work apart. With an enviable ear for a sample, Daniel’s work often seeks to borrow from the pasts most unlikely of sources, enabling him to harness a feeling and work it into his own slice of swinging irresistible ear candy. The “Draga” ep on his very own Pastamusik sees three brand new cuts of warm, slinky and soulful house.


DJ Magazine – KILLERS

What’s remarkable about Daniel Bortz’s approach to macabre disco-funk, coined by the likes of Foss, Jones, et al is his (even more extreme) us of indistinct melody. Vocal samples so dampened with reverb, so removed from their human origins that they merge like wistful ghosts into the cosmic synths whirring around them. But despite the nebulous depth of ‘Can’t Sleep At Night’, its wiggling groove is unmistakable and thoroughly infectious, embellishing the title of the track with a cheeky double entendre. On the flip, ‘Other Life’ offers more gradually built slo-mo disco joy with grinding robo-synths and more spooky mutant voices, while ‘No One’ is yet another brooding slice of ominous tech-funk, just more meditative and melancholic throughout.

DJ Magazine Spain – KILLERS

Daniel Bortz es un artista al que llevo siguiendo un tiempo,ha editado en sellos como SUOL completamente abonado a esta sección y otros con menos nombre,pero también de alta calidad. Para esta ocasión se ha desmelenado y ha creado un disco completamente redondo (valga la redundancia) y es que el amigo germano sabe muy bien darle a esto que ahora llaman Slow-Mo House. Lo que nos encontramos en el disco son tres cortes muy !nos,mucha clase y calidad desbordante,unas vocales ensoñadoras y unos beats más bien oscuros para vestir de gala en las frías noches que se avecinan. No hay duda de que estamos ante uno de los talentos emergentes de éste 2011,a mi juicio lo major del disco es ese track llamado “Can’t Sleep At Night”. 9.5/10


  • Marcin Czubala – “Another collection of quality stuff from Daniel, difficult to choose a fav track… love all!”
  • Fritz Zander – “Daniel, good as per usual!! No One is the standout for me here. Will play!”
  • Jozif – “WOW WEEEE Cant Sleep is delicious and No One is fukin’ sublime!!!!!!!”Groove Magazine Germany – “Review coming.”
  • Deetron – “Beautiful pads in Can’t Sleep At Night!! Support from me for sure.”
  • Lee Burridge – “Really like Daniel’s music right now. Can’t Sleep is a sexy little thing!
  • Anthony Collins – “Other Life is just GREAT!! Will be playing this!! Thank you for sending!”Okain – “This is really nice! I will play Can’t Sleep At Night but the other tunes are awesome too.”
  • Martinez Brothers – “Those drums on No One!!! LOVE IT!! Support from us on that one!”
  • Kiki – “All three of the tracks are good on this ep from Daniel. I’ll test them where I can. Thank you for sending.”
  • Ian Pooley – “Can’t Sleep At Night is a very cool track, I’ll definitely be playing this!”
  • Steve Bug – “Very nice ep! Can’t Sleep At Night is 100% my thing, superb groove, nice vocals and great oldschoolish vibe. Full support! No One is nice too.”
  • Diesel – (X-Press 2/MoS Radio) – “Such a wonderful collection – will hammer Can’t Sleep At Night!!!”
  • Basti – (Tiefschwarz) – “Gut wie immer! Very good tracks! Thanx Daniel. 5/5!!”
  • Andre Hommen – (Objektivity) – “Can’t Sleep At Night.. because of this track ☺”
  • Hector Romero – “Hot Hot Hot! Can’t Sleep at Night makes me close my eyes and get lost in the groove – Vocal is on point.”
  • Quentin Harris – “This ep is a really nice. I’m liking all of the tracks. Support!”
  • Sasse – “Can’t Sleep At Night is pure quality, as are the rest.. like it!”
  • Tensnake – “Great 3 tracker from Bortz. Loving the vibe on all of them. Will play it for sure!”
  • Robert Dietz – “More nice tunes in here from Daniel. Even if the volume is a bit low on the files. Supporting.”
  • Chris Ç – ( / Acik Radio Istanbul) – “Good tunes. Will play. Love the dubbybass of No One. Nice va asel.”
  • Diversions – (CHRY 105.5FM Toronto, Canada) – “Very immersive release – especially feelin’ the soulful vibe of No One!”
  • PrinsJan – (Dance Dept. Radio 538 Holland) – “Can’t Sleep At Night…MASSIVE!!!!!!!!!!”
  • Sergio B – ( – “It is true!! Listening to Cant Sleep At Night and I cant sleep, I want dance! Great Tune!!”
  • Adam – (DJ Magazine) – “A deep, spooky treat. Perfect for Halloween.”
  • Yannick – (Trickski) – “As Always: 5 stars for mister Bortz!!! Full support on all tracks.”
  • Solomun – “I am a BIG fan of Daniel! Top stuff as usual. Can’t Sleep At Night my fav.”
  • David K – “This is a really nice release. Can’t Sleep At Night my fav. Will play.”Chopstick – “Playing it for a looooooong time already!!! Love ‘em all!! Can’t wait to release some new Bortz tunes on Suol ☺!!”
  • Mr. G – “Love the feel off this ep… Stripped back and raw…….”Brothers’ Vibe – “Can’t Sleep At Night is really a SUPER piece of music!!”
  • Death On The Balcony – “This is really nice stuff here!! Support from DOTB on all tracks!”
  • Luke Solomon – “Other Life is mad!! LOVE it!”
  • SIS – “A cool sounding release from Daniel. No One being my fav.”
  • Johnjon – “Been playing Can’t Sleep.. for a while, but i just realized No One is the real winner here! 6 out of 5! J“
  • Ben Westbeech – “YES!! I am loving No one!! Really nice vibes. Will play it!”
  • Butch – “Can’t Sleep At Night is cool, very cool! High quality stuff from Daniel.”
  • Soul Clap – “No One brings me back that deep New York vibe in the most beautiful way for today. Herr Bortz is really a great addition to the Suol fam. Keep it up!”
  • Melon – “Oh yes… No One is sounding nice to me! Will test it out.”
  • DJ Yellow – “This is a very good ep from Daniel. LOVE it all!”
  • Danny Howells – “Yet more awesomeness from Mr Bortz – many thanks for these guys!!”
  • Reboot – “This is a really nice release. I’m gonna try Other Life. Thanks.”
  • Jona – “No One is beautiful and hypnotic!! Love it.”
  • Ali – (Tiefschwarz) – “Well done mister Bortz J Another great release!”
  • Maceo Plex – “Can’t Sleep At Night is really sick stuff!! Thanks for sending. Will play!”
  • Aeroplane – “3 nice tracks from Daniel. No One is my fave. Support from me! J“
  • Ellen Allien – “I like No One very much J Thanks for sending over. I will play it!”
  • Phonique – “3 TOP tracks from Daniel!!! J Playing!!”
  • Rodriguez Jr – “Such a great EP!! Can’t Sleep At Night and No One are the big ones for me.”
  • Doc Martin – “Another GREAT Pasta Music release!!! Def playing these!”
  • David August – “Other Life is another cool Daniel Bortz record. Support!”
  • Chris Carrier – “Nice tracks again from Daniel. Will be playing. Can’t Sleep At Night my fav. Thanks.”
  • Jef K – “This is 5 Stars late night music! Waaaaa LOVE this shit!!! Thx a lot for sending, will break some necks with these J J J”
  • Rocco – “Can’t Sleep At Night and No One are really nice tracks for me! Music with SOUL!”
  • dOP – (Dam) – “Daniel delivering again and again!!”
  • Andy Baxter – (Pacha / Café Mambo Ibiza) – “I can see massive things happening for this guy in the next 12 months. ON FIRE!”
  • Lovebirds – (Basti) – “Finally someone who can bring back vocals on the dancefloor! Sounds so much more alive than instrumentals … lovin all 3 tracks!! Especially No One and Cant Sleep!”
  • Chris Woodward – “Great future for D Bortz. Wicked producer!!”
  • Kiko Martínez – (DocePulgadas Radio Show Spain) – “Nice and deep pack, thanks.”
  • Sébastien B – (Paris One Radio) – “No One is our choice. Like this EP!”
  • Jose Maria Ramon – (Ibiza Global Radio) – “Impresive as always!!! Very functional for Ibiza Global Radio! Full support for the 3 tracks.”
  • Corin Arnold – (Music Editor BLN.FM) – “Downloading for playlist consideration.”
  • Roual Galloway – (Faith Fanzine / Radio) – “I quite like this package – a good blend of vocal and tech house.”
  • De:Bug Magazine Germany – “Considering for review.”
  • Kev O – ( – “Another bomb from Daniel! Can’t Sleep at Night is as sexy as they come!”
  • Scan Mode – (DJ Magazine Spain) – “Can’t Sleep At Night is superb!”
  • Eduard – ( – “Can’t Sleep At Night is great!!! All tracks are really good thanks so much.”
  • – “Very very very good sounds!”
  • Tsugi Magazine France – “Coool ep.”

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